Highly detailed traditional and mixed-media anatomical drawings.

Clean and versatile vector-format illustrations.

Surgical Illustrations

These illustrations are part of over 20 vector illustrations that summarise immediate reconstruction of the female breast after skin-sparing mastectomy using a DIEP (deep inferior epigastic perforator) flap.
In cooperation with the University Hospital Maastricht.


Artistic depiction of the anatomy of the common
starfish (Asterias rubens).
Published in the May 2017 issue of the Dutch
National Geographic magazine with a feature
article by Pancras Dijk.

Over 30 coloured pencil illustrations for „Biologie
der Sinne - vom Molekül zur Wahrnehmung“ by
S. Frings and F. Müller. Springer-Verlag
Berlin Heidelberg 2014.

Further Work

Traditional, digital and mixed-media illustrations.
Manual for a microsugrical procedure on the rat. 
Technique: Ink combined with vectorgraphics
The human torso and its inner organs. 
Technique: ink.
Mock-layout including several illustrations of the uterus of the pregnant laboratory rat. 
Technique: Pencil, vectorgraphics.
Panthera leo - musculature. Pencil, digitally enhanced.
Microsurgery on the laboratory rat. Watercolour on hot pressed watercolour paper.
Two proteins from the zebrafish model organism: One with enhanced and one with inhibited diffusivity. Vectorgraphics.
The musculature of the back. Adobe Illustrator.